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Updated  1/17/2015

 Jabocats is a small cattery located in central Illinois.  We strive to raise happy healthy kittens that will be your new family member for years to come.  We love all our babies and do the best we can to raise them to have a happy loving spirit.  All of our kittens or adults will be spayed or neutered before they leave us. We will ship if need be but would prefer a visit and make sure that the kitten you pick on line is the one you want in person.  There is a possibility that you may change your mind and fall madly in love with a different kitten or the one you  chose from the internet site does not want to go home with you where another one would.  It's happened many times before.  If you are considering adding a new family member or just have questions about our bobtails please contact us.  No question is goofy!!!!  This is a commitment on all our parts and it needs to be the right one.  Thanks for considering our babies!!

GC Jabocats Chip Ahoy

Photo by Preston Smith

American Bobtail Information

Although the bobtail cat has been in America for many generations, the true development of the American Bobtail Breed began in the late 1960’s. Since that time experienced breeders using found feral bobtails from all Regions of the United States including Canada and Alaska have worked together to produce the gorgeous American Bobtails we have today. One of the more intriguing phenomena of the breed is the striking resemblance that cats from thousands of miles apart, with no known common heritage, have born to one another. By selectively breeding these like type cats, breeders have helped Mother Nature to develop the American Bobtail into the big, hearty wild looking bobtail cat seen today.

The American Bobtail makes an excellent family companion and interacts well with people of all ages. They are known for their love of games and can play fetch or hide andseek for hours on end. They are basically quiet cats in voice, however they trill, chirp and click when delighted. They are easily leash trained and love to go for walks. These are strong, healthy cats with no known genetic predisposition to health related problems. A highly adaptable cat developed by Mother Nature the American Bobtail can make his home in either a quiet or active environment. American Bobtails are a loving, kind, and incredibly intelligent breed. They easily adapt to a busy environment and bond well with their family. They get along well with most dogs.  Long haul truck drivers have purchased them as cabin companions, and psychotherapists have used them in their treatment programs.  The American Bobtail is noted for its wild look with an exceptional disposition and adaptability.  Don't let the "wild" appearance fool you, if you are looking for a well-adjusted, socialized, unique, beautiful American Bobtail........call

Jabocats Gherardelli

Photo by Deb Desmond

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